Adding To Your Shopping List From An Apple Shortcut

This Apple Shortcut lets you select items from your Shopping List database that you need to buy and add new items to your list. You can optionally set an emoji as the item's page icon.

You can add items to your shopping list by tapping an NFC tag, from a widget or your homescreen.

The Shortcut is designed to work with any database, not just the one that's included in my template.

Setting Up The Shortcuts

Video guide

First, copy the template from here.

Then you'll need to copy two Apple Shortcuts - the Settings & the App.

Next, create an Internal Integration Token - video walkthrough / Notion's guide.

Open the Settings app and enter your Internal Integration Token and the IDs of your Shopping List database. If you rename any of the properties that are listed in the settings table, you can update the labels there to keep the Shortcut working.

Make sure that your the App Shortcut is setup to run the Settings Shortcut. You should be prompted to select the Settings Shortcut when you open the App Shortcut for the first time.

You can also download this Apple Shortcut which lets you open your Shopping List Notion page from a widget or your homescreen.

Connecting The Shortcut To NFC Tags

Video guide

You can buy NFC Tags from Amazon, they're pretty cheap. Mine are NTAG213s but I don't think it makes much difference which you get, I bought these (affiliate link) from Amazon in the UK.

Once you've downloaded the Shortcuts, entered your settings and connected the App to the Settings Shortcut:

  1. Open the Apple Shortcuts app
  2. Open the Automations tab
  3. Tap the + and choose Create Personal Automation
  4. Choose NFC
  5. Scan your NFC tag and name it whatever you like
  6. Add a Text action and enter the name of your item (this needs to match the name of the item in your Shopping List database and is case sensitive)
  7. Add a Run Shortcut action and run the App Shortcut
  8. Switch off Ask Before Running
  9. Switch on Notify When Run

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