Setting Up The Record Expenses Apple Shortcut

This Apple Shortcut lets you record your payments, without opening Notion.

It's is designed to work with any database, not just the one that's included in my template.

Setting Up The Shortcuts

Video guide

First, copy the template from here.

Then you'll need to copy two Apple Shortcuts - the Settings & the App.

Next, create an Internal Integration Token - video walkthrough / Notion's guide.

Open the Settings app and enter your Internal Integration Token and the ID of your Expenses database. If you rename any of the properties that are listed in the settings table, you can update the labels there to keep the Shortcut working.

Make sure that your the App Shortcut is setup to run the Settings Shortcut. You should be prompted to select the Settings Shortcut when you open the App Shortcut for the first time. If your Category property is Multi-Select, rather than Select, then you'll need to record that in the settings too.

And that's it 💥 I hope this makes keeping track of your spending a little bit less painful!

This Shortcut can be customised to populate additional properties, including linking entries to pages in related databases. If you'd like me to help you to customise the Shortcut, I do work as a consultant - more info here.

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