Setting Up The Save Fits In Notion Apple Shortcut

To set this Shortcut up, you’ll need a Dropbox account and an API Key for your Notion account, which you can create here.

Unfortunately Notion doesn't allow us to upload files into a Notion database so we have to store them in Dropbox, then view and organise them in Notion instead

Add a folder called ‘Notion Fits’ to your Dropbox homepage (you can specify a different folder path in the Shortcut’s settings).

Once you have those, you can copy the Shortcut from here and if you don’t have a database set up for this already, you can copy my Notion template from here.

Make sure you share your Notion database with my integration from the ••• in the top right hand corner of the screen > Add Connections > aNotioneer.

When you open the Shortcut for the first time, you’ll be prompted to set it up on this screen -

Enter your API Key and the ID of your database in the Value column.

You can stop the Shortcut from asking you if you want to tag and favourite your fits by changing “Yes” to “No”, next to Use Tags? and Use Favourites?

If you’re using your own database and the names of the properties in that database aren’t the same as mine, you can enter the property’s names next to Title Property Name, Photo Property Name, Tags Property Name and Favourite Property Name (the “Property Name” bit of the key’s label might not be visible”.

Next, if you want to be able to run the Shortcut easily, tap the down arrow next to the Shortcut’s name and choose Add To Home Screen -

Or you can add it to a Shortcuts widget instead.

The first time you run the Shorcut, you’ll be asked if you want to allow the Shortcut to connect with Notion’s API ( and to connect your Dropbox account, you’ll only be asked to do this once.

Approved the connection request and sign into your Dropbox account and then you’ll be ready to go!

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