Tracking Habits In Notion With Apple Shortcuts & NFC Tags

This Apple Shortcut create a new entry in your habit tracking database for today's habits, if there isn't one already and enables you to mark habits as complete, without opening Notion. Optionally, you can connect it with personal automations that run when you tap NFC Tags or enter / leave a certain location.

I've created a simple Notion template so that you can try this out but the Shortcut is design to work with any habit tracker database.

Setting up the Shortcut

Video guide

First you'll need to set up an Internal Integration Token (video walkthrough / Notion's guide), to enable the Shortcut to connect with your Habits database, via Notion's API. Then you'll need to share the database with the connection that you've created.

Then you can can download the Apple Shortcut from here.

Configure the Shortcut's settings and you're ready to go!

Connecting the Shortcut to NFC Tags

You can buy NFC Tags from Amazon, they're pretty cheap. Mine are NTAG213s but I don't think it makes much difference which you get, I bought these (affiliate link) from Amazon in the UK.

Here's a short video guide which explains how to create the automation.

Triggering the Shortcut based on location

Alternatively you can use a location based trigger for your automation (arriving or leaving somewhere, like the gym) and that will work too.

Just add the text action, which I explain in the NFC Tags setup video guide and an action to run the Shortcut and that's it!

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