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This template replicates the type of 'relational' structure that you'd see in a traditional CRM like Salesforce. Although it has a lot less features than that sort of expensive software, this template contains all of the core functionality that you need to manage CRM as a small business, like me.

Relational databases make managing your data and adding to your CRM system over time much easier.

I've also created an automated version of this template which includes email notifications and updates overdue Opportunity close dates.

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  • Get a 360° view of all of your interaction with your prospects in one place, by viewing their Account or Contact page

  • The modular structure makes adding new databases to capture extra information straightforward

  • Keep track of sales, clients, contacts and meetings in an integrated system.

  • The personal summary page is automatically filtered to only display each team member's records, for an uncluttered workspace - 🎬 demo

  • Avoid duplicating information like company details when adding new records, thanks to the relational design

  • See a summary of each team member's performance in the dashboard page, along with your sales last year


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I recently recorded a podcast episode with productivity guru Jenny Blake, where I shared some advice about setting up your CRM, automations that I use and more. You can listen to the episode here.


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You can translate the databases from this template to your preferred language once you have purchased it, using my template translator.