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This template is based on one of the original guides for creating OKRs, developed and made famous by Google.

When you purchase this template, you'll receive two versions: one which lets you set company objectives only and another, which lets you break down your company objectives into team objectives. The progress from the team objectives feeds into the linked company objective.

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  • Set qualitative company Objectives and then break them down into quantitative Key Results

  • KRs are assigned to teams and team members, making it clear who owns which KRs

  • Once the KRs have been created, team members only need to update the Current Result & Status columns to record their progress

  • See an aggregated summary of the overall process towards each objective, based on its linked KRs

  • The KRs can be linked to other databases in your workspace e.g. you could connect them to your Projects database, to calculate a KR's completion

  • The OKRs can be viewed and updated anywhere, thanks to Notion's online storage


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I recently recorded a podcast episode with productivity guru Jenny Blake, where I shared some advice about setting up your CRM, automations that I use and more. You can listen to the episode here.


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