Online Meeting Scheduler | Notion Template

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Avoid sending emails back and forth while trying to find a time when everyone is free using this template. Each invitee can indicate when they're available so that you can select a time for your meeting or meetup when everyone is free.

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  • Display a list of timeslots which others can book, in a simple view

  • Status icons indicate whether a timeslot is partially, fully or overbooked

  • Show the timeslots' start times in different time zones

  • Choose to only display timeslots a certain number of days in the future

  • Users can see a filtered list of the timeslots that they've booked in filtered calendar and list views

  • Advanced formulas make creating timeslots much easier than using the default Notion formula property


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I recently recorded a podcast episode with productivity guru Jenny Blake, where I shared some advice about setting up your CRM, automations that I use and more. You can listen to the episode here.


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