Simple Project Management System | Notion Template

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This template is designed to serve as the foundation of your project management system, including all of the key components that you need for project management but simple enough to customise and connect with other parts of your workspace, to suit your workflows.

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  • Based on the classic project management structure - the work is grouped together in projects, which are broken down into tasks to complete. You can also link sub-tasks to parent tasks, using Notion's new sub-items feature.

  • Gantt style Timeline views make it easy to keep track of progress and manage deadlines.

  • Record dependencies - using Notion's new dependencies feature - and see an alert in the Projects timeline view if a Task is blocked.

  • The My Activity page gives team members a filtered view of everything that they're assigned to so that they can focus on their work.


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I recently recorded a podcast episode with productivity guru Jenny Blake, where I shared some advice about setting up your CRM, automations that I use and more. You can listen to the episode here.


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