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If you haven't seen Ali's tour of his study notes with Francesco yet, you should definitely check it out. He's using some great techniques to make his revision as efficient as possible.

The layout of Ali's notes is really simple, which makes them easy to maintain. But watching the tour made me wonder whether he could store all this knowledge in a more accessible format and build a wiki for future reference, while he studied. So I decided to reformat these notes in databases.

While I was working on the structure, I added a few extra elements too, like a Status column for his Answers to make it easy to see whether he's memorised the answer yet. That then rolls up into a Preparation calculation, which makes it easy to see whether his revision's on track. I've combined that with a calendar of his exams and how long he has until the exam, to show what % of his notes he should have memorised by now.

Hopefully you'll get some ideas for organising your own notes from this template.

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