Automated Advanced CRM | Notion Template

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This is an enhanced version of my Advanced CRM template, which includes email notifications that are sent via The:Gist and Zapier, see Features below for details.

The Advanced CRM template replicates the type of 'relational' structure that you'd see in a traditional CRM like Salesforce. Although it has a lot less features than that sort of expensive software, this template contains all of the core functionality that you need to manage CRM as a small business, like me.

Relational databases make managing your data and adding to your CRM system over time much easier.

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  • Receive a summary of today's upcoming meetings in your inbox each morning

  • Find out when an Opportunity has an overdue close date

  • Get notified when an Opportunity is won or lost

  • Get notified when a new high value Opportunity is added to the pipeline

  • Keep on top of Opportunity's close dates with by receiving notification's when they're less than X days away


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I recently recorded a podcast episode with productivity guru Jenny Blake, where I shared some advice about setting up your CRM, automations that I use and more. You can listen to the episode here.


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